Friday, June 26, 2009

Major Changes...

There have been some MAJOR changes to our wedding! First of all....We are now getting married in Jamaica! Can you believe it? We can't! It is awesome. We are staying at Sandals Ochos Rios which is the biggest Sandals resort there is and we are hoping to get married on December 23rd. It turns out that this is much cheaper than our reception that we have booked here and we are super excited! We leave from Harrisburg International Airport on December 20th, 2009 early in the morning. When we arrive in Jamaica we get to spend so much time doing everything we could possibly want to do. Everything is included since it is an all inclusive resort and there is so much for us to do like snorkeling, parasailing, seeing Dunn's River Falls, etc. We have swim up bars, 10 bars in the resort total, 11 resuartants, and we can go the the other resort that we were planning to stay at as much as we want to! We have to be in Jamaica for two days and one of them has to be a business day so we are going to leave sunday(the day that you arrive doesn't count), spend all day there, then spend monday and tuesday together just having fun, and then wednesday we are getting married (as long as they have the date open). We are EXTREMELY excited. Kevin is nervous about flying but, I told him I will hold his hand tight. I love flying! We will be in Jamaica for Christmas as well! We get to be in 80+ degree weather on Christmas! It is really going to be the best experience and basically anything we could possibly want and need, we can have it there! Kevin can even talk to the concierge guy and have our room set up a certain we like with rose petals on the bed, etc. to surprise me! It is soooooo cool! Also, December 23rd is our two year anniversary! I think it will be so sweet! I can't think of a better way to celebrate!

Our families are not going however but, it is okay because we will take lots of pictures for them and also when we get home on May 15th 2010 (the day we originally planned to get married) we are planning to have a little ceremony even though it won't be an official ceremony since we will already be married. We are just going to do it in one of our family members backyard and we are going to have a little party/reception to celebrate. I think it will be really cute because then our families and friends can still feel included as well!

So basically, WE CANT WAIT! :) We are not sure if we are goign to get married on the beach or in the gazebo or in the hotel yet. We want to check out each place first and then decide!


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  1. Whoa, sorry I haven't been checking up on your blog lately! The wedding is right around the corner now...Congrats!!